Reconditioned Pumps

Reconditioned Stuart Turner Negative Head pumps

We are often asked what is involved in the recondition of a water pump and how long will they last after the recondition. Basically every part is removed from the pump all moving parts and plastic parts. Once these have been removed they are sent to the bin never to be used again.



We then rebuild the Stuart Turner Pump and replace all the parts only using new high quality parts. All moving parts on the pump are greased and the motor is sprayed to the original Stuart Turner green colour. The pump then under goes several major tests to ensure it works 100% either in a house or apartment.

We have a full range of Stuart Turner reconditioned pumps:

  • Reconditioned M330N twin head brass pumps
  • Reconditioned Monsoon 1.5 bar, 2.0 bar,3.0 bar brass pumps
  • Positive head and negative head pumps
  • Universal 1.5 bar, 2.0 bar,3.0 bar pumps


New Spare Parts used in our reconditioned pumps

We can only speak about our own recondition water pumps as some companies out there only replace a few parts and give the pump a quick wipe down with a cloth. The pump my look good but its what’s under the bonnet that counts. All our recon pumps are complete with the following parts after rebuild.