Monsoon Pump Repair

Stuart Turner Monsoon Water Pump Repairs Dublin Ireland

Has a repair or service engineer told you that your water pump is not repairable and you may need to buy a new water pump?  The cost of a new monsoon or Stuart Turner pump is around €750 and to get it installed and the installation cost could be anywhere between of €110 & €150.

Why by a new water pump when your old pump can be repaired within 30 minutes at our workshop

All our service engineers carry a full range of Stuart Turner spare parts to ensure you will not be waiting on parts.  We also carry a full reconditioned pump in our van that can be swapped for your old pump to get you up and running with water again.


monsoon universal

Monsoon 2 Bar water pump


At Irish Appliance Repair we repair Monsoon water pumps. We also supply reconditioned Stuart Turner pumps.

If you have a monsoon water pump in your house or apartment that is not working or needs repair we can repair your water pump in your home. We do not take pumps away for repair so you will not be waiting weeks.

Same day on site repair in your home. Is your Stuart Turner monsoon pump leaking making a strange humming noise why contact us today. We offer you a No Fix No Fee which means if we cannot repair your pump we do not charge you.  Or you can drop your pump up to our call in centre in ballymount in  Dublin 24 where we can fix your pump while you wait, repairs are normally done in less than 40 minutes.


We repair the following types of Monsoon pumps


  • Monsoon 1.5 bar positive and negative head pumps.
  • Monsoon 2.0 bar positive and negative head twin pumps.
  • Monsoon 3.0 bar positive and negative head twin pumps.

The Monsoon water pump range are mainly used to pump and boost cold and hot water in houses and apartments.

Stuart Turner Monsoon are high  quality brass twin domestic shower pumps and whole house water pressure boosting pumps.

They are designed to meet the demands of a modern property where a boost of water is required to power showers, bathrooms or the entire property.