Stuart Turner Pumps

Stuart Turner Pumps, Spare Parts and Repair.

Stuart turner manufacture some of the best water booster pumps on the market today. From their humble beginnings in Oxford UK they have produced high quality water pump products over the years which include the Monsoon & Universal Pumps ST55, ST66, M330N and many more reliable pumps. We can repair all the makes and models that are in the Stuart Turner pump range and we also recondition pumps to a new look.


Stuart Turner Pumps Are Made To Last

Stuart Turner pumps are manufactured from brass and steel and will give you years of service under the right conditions and these pumps are made to sand the test of time. However over the years the pump may require a repair due to ware and tear of the electronic parts or movable water parts which is quite normal after years of pumping water throughout your home.

There is no reason why you should not get another eight years out of your pump once you get a repair on the most common parts. All Stuart Turner pumps are repairable no matter what the problem is.


If your water booster pump is not working you have a few options.

  1. Bring your pump to our workshop for a repair.
  2. Request a call out to your home to repair your pump on site.
  3. Purchase a fully reconditioned pump from our shop.
  4. Request a fully reconditioned pump to be installed in your home.


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Stuart Turner M330N & Universal Monsoon Pump Repairs

Whether your water pump is seized, motor is burned out or even if the PCB board has blown these can all be fixed at a low cost. Most Stuart Turner /  Monsoon water pumps are very good and built to last, there should be no reason why you should not get 20 years or more out of a Stuart Turner pump once they are maintained regular. N330N Monsoon Negative Head Pumps and also 2/3/4 Bar Positive Head Water Pumps and shower mate ST55 ST66  pump repairs

Call us today and enquire about our shower booster water pump recondition and repairs.


Stuart Turner M330N & Monsoon Pump Recondition And Repair

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Monsoon 2 Bar Water Pump – M330N Water Pump


The stuart turner M330N water booster pump is the most common pump installed in apartments and houses throughout Dublin and Ireland. The M330N was replaced by the Monsoon universal negative head pump. If your M330N is faulty we can repair the pump or bring the pump to a new looking standard with a full recondition using all new parts.

Contact us on 01 4190423 for any questions you have regarding a repair or recondition to your Stuart Turner or Monsoon pump